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Steps of CPR: Check Responsiveness

Now that you have assessed the scene and determined it is safe, you must check if the person is responsive. Is this person taking a nap or in cardiac arrest?

We won't know this answer until we check for responsiveness. This is very easy to do:

  1. Tap hard on the person's chest and shoulders. Avoid shaking the person in case of spinal injury.

  2. Shout, "Are you okay?". Be loud. You don't want to start CPR on a napping women in the park!

If the person moves or makes a noise, that is a sign of responsiveness. If this is the case, attempt to find the problem. They may be able to communicate, or you will need to try and determine what is going on. Either way, do not leave the person until help arrives. If the person does not move or make any noises, call 911 immediately. This just happens to be the next step of CPR!

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