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What is Heart Savers & Beyond? Who is running this place?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Let's get started with who we are:

Our names are Terah and Haley, and we are sisters; no need to discuss who is older. Fine, it's 7 years, whatever. We both work in the medical field, Terah as a Licensed Practical Nurse and Haley as a Registered Nurse. For a few years we had the pleasure of working together.....even sharing an office at times. During this time, we were asked to become certified CPR instructors through the American Heart Association to help certify the staff at our offices.

We had been certified CPR providers for years and had taken the very course we were teaching many times. It wasn't until we became instructors that we realized how little information we were retaining from these classes. Not to mention they were miserable to sit through. We quickly developed a passion for teaching high quality CPR to our coworkers and decided we wanted to start offering these classes outside of our office.

The next step was to set up our business, Heart Savers & Beyond. We are located in Brimfield, Ohio and offer many different courses through the American Heart

Association and American Red Cross. We love to teach face-to-face courses combining videos, discussions, and skills practice/testing. We try to make each class fun for everyone there, so they aren't as miserable as we used to be every other year in these classes. We encourage open discussions and find that people really do want to learn to save a life. They hit us with questions as they come to them, and we love it.

While we love teaching these courses, we still think we have so much more information that we could give to our community. That is why we are starting this blog. Ugh, I truly hate saying that because I never thought we were the type of people that would write one of these. But here we go. We will be putting out (articles? newsletters? FINE!) blog posts covering many topics related to CPR, First Aid and health in general.

So, we hope you enjoy these and learn something along the way. And we hope to see you in one of our classes (there will be a post discussing the differences between all of our classes offered)!

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